Basque Taste

About us

Basque Taste creates guided experiences for those curious travelers keen on food, wine, art and architecture. Personal and unique encounters that ensures you have an authentic and delicious experience of Bilbao and the Basque Country. Basque treasures unraveled and your wishes catered for.

A collaborative project, all experiences are led by dedicated profesionals from each field in the Basque Country. Explore intriguing Basque cultural landscapes with a cultural expert who is also a foodie. Indulge in Basque gastronomy with our food experts inspired by sleek design; and taste exquisite wines with our sommeliers and creative winemakers.


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Cultural Expert

Basque Taste was founded by Elke Panneels. Originally from Belgium and intrepid traveler, after several stays in various countries, she decided to settle in Bilbao, the Basque Country. A foodie at heart and a background in Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Studies, means that Bilbao serves as the perfect stage for outstanding culinary and cultural experiences. Working for more than fifteen years as a profesional cultural guide in the Basque Country and museum guide in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, she is passionate about sharing this vibrant and delicious Basque culture with you. Currently she resides in beautiful Rioja Alavesa.


Food Experts

Our passionate chefs base their excellent cooking skills on the strong culinary roots of the Basque Country and love to experiment with creative strength. With joy and wit, they are the perfect chefs to join for a culinary adventure. Our cooking classes are given by the team led by topchef Fernando Canales. Awarded with a Michelin star amongst other distinctions, they can usually be found behind the kitchen door in the Etxanobe restaurant. They are your hosts in our cooking workshops taking place in our exclusive txoko in Bilbao.



Wine Experts

Our wine tastings in the Alhondiga are led by sommelier Teresa Fernández. Her outstanding dedication resulted in a  ´Best of Wine Tourism´ award for the restaurant Yandiola.

Iñaki Súarez was several times ´Best Sommelier in the Basque Country´ and a member of the UAES and ASI. An excellent winemaker himself, with unequalled  passion and enthusiasm, he will share his profound knowledge with you on our exclusive wine adventures.